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Respiratory Safety Page




N95 cone respirator. 20 per box.



N95 cone respirator with exhalation valve. 10 per box.


4200 Series Half Mask

The 4200 Series are elastomeric half masks with a single particulate filter. Filters are not against the face so they stay cleaner longer. The cradle suspension provides a secure fit. Available in standard model and with mesh screen for welding and grinding operations



Replacement N95 Filters
Replacement N95 filters for 4200 Series half masks. 10 per pack.


  P100 Elipse Mask with protective Grill

                    Visit the Elipse page

 P100 Spare Filter Set  
 P100 Nuisance Order Spare Filter Set  


This mask’s versatile adaptability to PAPR or Supplied Air sets it apart from others in the industry. Cartridges and filters sold separately.
NOTE: Use only with North cartridges.



Offers 99.97% efficiency for all particulates. NIOSH approved. Sold in pairs.



Defends against organic vapors, ammonia, methylamine, formaldehyde, and acid gases (chlorine, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide [escape], hydrogen fluoride, and chlorine dioxide). Offers a 99.97% efficiency rating for all particulates. NIOSH approved. Sold in pairs



Wipes provide a quick, easy method of removing perspiration and body oils from the respirator facepiece between scheduled cleanings. Individually wrapped towelettes with alcohol. 5" x 7". 100/Box.




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