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Gilian Gilibrator II Calibrator 



The Gilibrator II® System is a convenient and highly automated way to check almost any commercially available air sampling pumps for proper air flow function before their deployment.

Gilibrator II® System

The system consists of an electronic Gilibrator II® Base, which is used with any of three sizes of wet bubble cells.

These patented interchangeable components are also available as part of kits which can also include a complete calibration diagnostic panel. All cells use a twist-on bayonet design for quick and easy mounting to the base. All are certified for accuracy, traceable to NIST. Sensidyne recommends calibration of your Gilibrator System, whether wet cell or soapless dry cell, at least once a year

  • True Primary Standard
  • Control Base works with both the wet and piston flow cells.
  • Easy Set-Up and Operation
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Field Portable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Alphanumeric Display
  • Built-in RS-232 Port
  • Auto Averaging of readings
  • Battery or AC operation

The Gilian Gilibrator II is available with the following cell options:

800272 Gilibrator II Low Flow Wet Cell Kit 1-250cc
800271 Gilibrator II Standard Flow Wet Cell Kit 20cc-6 LPM
800270 Gilibrator II High Flow Wet Cell Kit 2-30 LPM

Shipping Weight 8.00 lbs
U/M Each
Stock Status Normally Ships within 24 hours
$Call for Pricing


Gilian Gilibrator II Cell Assemblies 



Replacement or additional cell assemblies for Gilibrator II Calibrators
cell assemblies for Gilibrator II Calibrators

The cell options are available:

800267-1 Low Flow Cell Assembly 1-250cc
800266-1 Standard Flow Cell Assembly 20cc-6 LPM
800265-1 High Flow Cell Assembly 2-30 LPM
801858 Dry Piston CellAssembly 1-5 LPM

Shipping Weight 5.00 lbs
U/M Each
Stock Status Normally Ships within 2 Days
$Call for Pricing


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